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These comments were submitted by past participants in the weekend Aromatherapy Certification course.


“I am still reeling from all that I learned and experienced in class this weekend. I thought I had a pretty good idea of what aromatherapy was all about before taking this class. I now have a whole new perspective and respect for the role trees and plants play in our lives if we are only willing to open ourselves up to the messages they are offering. I am grateful for the knowledge and guidance that Tresa gave throughout the weekend as it has opened my world a little wider. I will definitely carry this experience with me as I continue on my journey!”  ~Kimberly M.


“Incredibly enriching. If you are in search of a class that will open your heart and become connected to life’s beauty and energy this is it. Tresa’s knowledge and passion for what she does, shines through and you will leave the class having experienced so many facets. The trees and the plants are very powerful beings. If you are curious what their treasures have to say, this is the class for you.”  ~Kimberly F.


“The class this weekend was wonderful, very informative, and Tresa is a great teacher. There were lots of facets to this training, which enabled us to open up and accept the gift we were being given. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who is willing to open up their heart and mind to accept the knowledge of the plants and trees. It was truly a life-changing experience.” ~ Catherine P.


“Wow!  What a fabulous class.  I am still processing the information and energetics of it. As a teacher, I tend to be rather a snob about how classes are presented so when I tell you that you did a marvelous job, I really mean it.  Your organization of material, presentation of both information and personal stories was well-balanced.  Your pacing was great.  It was fast but not too fast.  You did a marvelous job.  Thank you.” ~ Jane M.


“As someone relatively new to medicinal aromatherapy, it was wonderful to both receive information and experience it in community.  Tresa is a gifted teacher and facilitator who communicates information and her experiences while engaging the gifts of the participants.  Accompanying us on our journeys with their gifts of love and healing, the Plants and Trees demonstrate a way for us to live with one another.  There is such healing power in the Essences that just thinking of the class, remembering the beautiful people I met or what the Essences shared with us makes me smile.” ~ Crystal S.


“Even though I had taken other courses in Essential Essences I became aware of another level of knowledge in  the Level 1 Medicinal Aromatherapy Certification course. The essences touched me on not only the physical level, but mostly on the emotional and spiritual level. I felt that I had made great growth in the spiritual area of my life after the class, and with continued use of the essences and the knowledge that I gained my growth is continuing. Tresa is an amazing instructor.” ~ Tara P.


“I looked forward to this class from the minute I registered for it and I was excited to walk thru that door on the first day. As I came around the corner from the entrance, I could see into a room, which had a folding table near the doorway and a MULTITUDE of oils bottles on it. I swear, it looked and felt like those oils on the table were jumping up and down and waving at me! I wanted to run in there and hug them all! It was the strangest and most welcoming experience. It was also unlike any experience I have had with the oils before. Previously, I had felt like I was USING essential oils, like I had to figure out what they did and apply them accordingly. By the end of the weekend, I truly felt like I was working WITH the essences and that I could trust myself and THEM to help us fulfill both of our destinies. I truly belief it is the WOTE philosophy, and the respect they show to, and the knowledge they have of, the plants and trees that made the difference.” ~Shawn F.