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Ayurveda Body Treatments

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Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Oil Massage) (60 minutes, $65.00)

This traditional oil therapy is designed to calm the actions of the doshas in your body. Luxurious warm oil is applied to the entire body, calming the mind and toning the skin, lymph and blood. A blissful experience.

abhyanga massage

Abhyanga (which means loving hands) is an Ayurvedic full body massage done with nutrient-rich oil. Applying oil to the skin lubricates, protects, detoxifies and rejuvenates the skin and nervous system, while soothing the endocrine system.  It is a wonderful way to care for your mind, body and spirit.

The heated oil helps loosen and liquefy ama so that the toxins can drain into the body’s GI tract for elimination. It is an excellent antidote for modern stresses and is the most effective and pleasant way you can balance Vata (the air/ether quality), the law of nature at work in the mind and body. Vata controls all movement in the body including the flow of thought, circulation of the blood, elimination of wastes, respiration and a woman’s monthly cycle.

Therapies that rejuvenate the body are called “Rasayanas.” This deeply relaxing experience, helps rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit.


Ayurveda Facial (45 minutes, $65)
An Ayurvedic facial is like none other. This therapeutic facial treatment includes a facial mask, and warm oils and creams applied to marma points to balance the skin. The facial marma points in particular balance the mind and emotions, and release deep-seated grief and sadness.

This is a deeply relaxing, special face massage using Marma (vital energy points) and specialized herbal oils will help reduce aged appearance and wrinkles.


Shirodhara (60 minutes $68)panchakarma-treatment shiro
Shirodhara is a treatment where warm, herbalized oil is continuously poured over the forehead/third eye. This treatment is perfect for anyone with insomnia, anxiety, mental anguish, emotional challenges or needing to quiet their mind. This treatment includes a Marma (energetic point) therapy session to connect the mind to the heart. This helps to calm the mind, nourish the heart and settle the senses allowing for a deeper level of relaxation.  Then the Shirodhara begins.

Svedana (15-20 minutes) Part of the Bliss Therapy
Svedana is a specific kind of sweat therapy.  The Abhyanga helps to loosen toxins from the body and the “steam” therapy of Svedana helps to move those toxins out. This is a great therapy for stubborn health issues like arthritis, digestive problems and excess weight issues.

Vibrational Cleansing Session $75
Using the protocol from Vaidya Mishra, Tresa uses a light touch to cleanse and reset the Nadi’s (energetic pathways of the body). She uses highly vibrational transdermal creams and glides them over specific points of the body to clear out negative vibrational energy so the life-giving Prana can flow freely. This treatment gives you a sense of lightness, openness and establishes a clear state of mind.

Indian Head Massage (45 minutes, $65.00)
A seated treatment concentrating on the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face. You will experience the massage sitting with your upper body draped/wrapped.  Your Indian Head Massage will take place in a comfortable low backed chair in a calming environment with relaxing music. Traditional Ayurvedic oils will be selected to create your personalized treatment and medicinal essential oils will be added to deepen your healing experience.

This treatment is perfect for anyone with tension in the shoulders, neck or head. Individuals that suffer from frequent tension headaches or migraines find this treatment particularly relaxing. This treatment helps improve lymphatic drainage, which helps in the removal of waste products and toxins assisting the immune system. It can even promote hair growth.

(A significant amount of oil is massaged in the hair. Please bring a towel or clip to secure your hair after the treatment.)


Popular Combination Treatments:

Goddess Bliss Therapy (Abhyanga, Svedana, Shirodhara) $158
Includes the Abhyanga, Sevdana and Shirodhara treatment. This is a perfect treatment for anyone wanting an ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation. It is also a beautiful, compassionate way to rid the body (and mind) of built up toxins.

Abhyanga & Shirodhara $145
After relaxing and nourishing the entire body with being massaged with warm, herbalize oil, we then clear and nourish the mind. This the most popular combination treatment.

Good Love (Abhyanga, Heart Basti) $110.00
Perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day where you need a little bit of extra love.  After a full body abhyanga, you receive a nourishing warm oil treatment over the heart. This is a popular treatment for deep issues of the heart, healing emotional heart issues or nourishing a broken heart due to loss or saddness.  This is a lovely way to strengthen, nourish and care for the heart and the body.


Add On Treatments

Garshna (Add on treatment, $25)
Garshna is a stimulating treatment where the body is massaged with raw, silk gloves. This treatment stimulates the lymph layer, increases circulation and reduces Kapha dosha.

Localized Basti (Add on treatment $35)
Warm application of custom formulated herbalized oils to specific areas of the body. (48 hour notice of booking this appointment due to the customized nature of the preparation.) These applications can help:

  • Joint Pain & Stiffness
  • Heart Issues (emotional and physical)
  • Improve Kidney Function
  • Increase circulation to area of treatment
  • Lower back pain
  • Nourish and strengthen muscles and ligaments





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