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Blue Yarrow

Blue Yarrow

2018 Essence of the year:: Yarrow, Blue


Highly spiritual, Opens Heart, Mind & Spirit to Cosmic Energies
Increases Intuition and teaches discernment

Yarrow is often considered a weed as it grows wild across North America. She has leaves that are feathery earning her the Spanish name Plumajillo or “little feather.”  She has been long valued for wound healing properties and can even stop bleeding.

Yarrow has a lot of folklore around it with uses relating to love and loyalty. She is a “Visionary Herb” which was used for inspiring the ancient Chinese Oracle the “I-Ching.”

On the physical level, Yarrow is an anti-viral, and anti-spasmodic. She helps infections, liver issues, rheumatoid arthritis pain, nerve issues, gout and can even balance blood pressure. With her affinity to the lungs, she can be a helpful friend to those suffering from the flu and closed breathing passages.  As a gentle cardio-tonic, Yarrow helps with poor circulation and can even help with frequent, scanty urine issues.

Her role as a “Herb of Protection,” Blue Yarrow helps cleans and fortify your aura. She quickly and effectively brings in the energies of Arch Angel Michael who is the Saint of protection and defense. She uses her affinity to the Metal Element to put up a strong shield.

As a “blue” essence, she deeply supports the throat chakra and works with sound and vibrational healing. She helps to increase intuition, opening doorways of new understanding and bringing that knowledge to Earth, grounding it into action. In 2018, Blue Yarrow will work with Swan energy to help strengthen your wings and help you unfurl them for flight. She pulls in the deep blue water energy and wisdom from the depths of the Ocean.

With her “visionary” powers, Blue Yarrow helps release your fear, taps into your deep wisdom and allows your true self to rise from submergence: ready to be seen in all of your magnificent beauty.

Wisdom of the Earth’s variety comes from Albania. 15 ml: $50.  Hydrolat: $33

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