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Cypress Essential Oil (Cypress sempervirens), from Greece. Steam distilled from needles and twigs.

Spiritual Properties: Renewal, Transformation
Magical Properties: Highly Spiritual, Calms Adversity

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Cypress Essential Oil is a light, refreshing scent that expands your perception while gently and safely containing your energy. This allows you to be aware of things outside of your self (thinking outside of the box) while feeling supported and loved.

Cypress is an often overlooked but is an incredibly diverse essential oil. She is affordable and welcomed everyone as a pleasant, refreshing and uplifting scent.

This beautiful evergreen tree can reach over 80 feet in height. She is strong, resilient and has a wonderful fresh scent. These facts make her a great essence to strengthen bones and to increase Ojas or vitality.

Cypress has long been used for physical issues concerning the circulatory system and includes: edema, cellulitis, varicose veins, water retention, fluid retention, spasms, cramps and all issues of the lymphatic system. In particular to circulation, she strengthens the blood vessel walls especially capillaries making her a great aid for varicose veins and hemorrhoids. Cypress is also a wonderful aid in any respiratory issue like asthma, TB and is a decongestant.

If you have taken my class or have read through my blog, you may remember the story of Stevie Nicks, my cat. She came to us in rather bad shape being hit by a car and hiding in a culvert for about a week. During her treatment, she developed cellulitis in her paws. Both front paws were swollen, hot and rather painful. After putting just a few drops of cypress on her feet, the swelling started reducing and by the next day, had returned to normal size. Quite remarkable!

I always say C for Cypress, C for Circulation. With her affinity for the circulatory system, Cypress is great for any blood issue. She can help purify the blood, harmonizes blood flow and is an excellent astringent for circulatory issues. With these talents, Cypress is a very helpful essential oil for menstruating women addressing both menstrual pain and excessive bleeding.

Emotionally, cypress is an energizer and is both refreshing and relaxing. She can be useful for resolving insomnia because she helps you feel safe, secure and serene.

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As a hard and resistant wood, Cypress was often used in ancient times to build coffins and to carve idols. Her use with the dead brings forth one of the special emotional support pieces of cypress. She is one that I always suggest during the period of bereavement, as she is an excellent aid for those suffering a deep emotional loss. She helps anyone going through a major transition and she encourages us to take it all in but let it go. Transitions are all about accepting and relinquishing. She fills us with optimism and allows us to accept change, even if it is a difficult change.

Some other uses of cypress: hepatic and pancreatic stimulant, blood purifier, hemorrhoids, menopause, prostate enlargement, arthritis and rheumatism.

In Ayurveda, Cypress can be used for:

Vata: any circulatory system issues including cold hands/feet, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, providing sense of stability and security, insomnia, relaxing

Pitta:  harmonize blood issues, aid in regulating emotional states, anti-infectious, bleeding irregularities, liver issues

Kapha: balances emotions such as deep grief and despair, excellent at moving stagnant lymph, water retention, decongestant, uplifting energy, bronchitis, respiratory issues, edema
WOTE Cypress from Greece: 15 ml/$28.00, 120/ml $196.00

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