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Shamanic Animal Healing Sessions


*I no longer offer Shamanic Healing Sessions for animals.*

Shamanism is a word that seems to capture the imagination of many people. It is a spiritual practice from ancient indigenous cultures that teaches us how to connect to nature and the spirit worlds on a very deep level. When we connect to these worlds, there are powerful energy exchanges that can lead to healing on many levels.

When we work from the acceptance that everything is alive and all things have a place in our lives, we are empowered be actively involved in our journey of self healing and growth. I am dedicated to helping you develop a strong connection to the spirit world so your healing can take place in a safe, loving environment.

Even though I can do Shamanic Healing sessions for people, I do mostly provide this service to help animals on their healing journey. The healing journey (as it is called in Shamanism) is usually done remotely and not in the presence of the animal that is in need of healing. I offer most consultations/healings over the phone and Skype.

I bring a calm and kind nature to the sessions and lets my heart guide me when providing honest, compassionate suggestions.

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