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Flower Essences

Flower Essences are energy medicine.  They are made up of the energies of a particular flower that vibrates at a certain frequency. When ill, either physically or emotionally, bodies are “out of sync” energetically.  Flower Essences can often help bring those energies back in line in a gentle, subtle and harmonious manner.  Liken it to electrical tuning forks used to tune your electrical system to bring it back to is optimum level of health.  Each flower has a specific vibration.

The use of flower essences is an excellent choice when working on a deep seated problem. They do a great job to help these “issues” come to the surface at a pace where one can deal with them appropriately. While you can see an immediate response, these blends are best used over a long period of time.

Flower essences can be used by people or animals. This lovely liquid comes in a .5 oz bottle or 2 oz. bottle – both with a glass dropper.  You will receive customized instructions on their use, but basic uses include putting a few drops in your water (or your pet’s water bowl) or putting a few drops under your tongue (or offering it to your animals to lick out of your hand.)  You can also apply them to your skin (or the fir/feathers of your animal) and use them as a spritz.

Some common uses for flower essences in animals are:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • In-appropriate biting and barking
  • Releasing past traumas of abuse and abandonment
  • Flea and tick repellent
  • Helping to create a more harmonious working relationship (great for performance dogs)
  • In-appropriate spraying (usually a kitty issue)

For people, these are some of the more common issues:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Lack of grounding (feeling out of sorts)
  • Calming heated emotions
  • Chakra work (clearing and opening)
  • Increasing Intuition
  • Helping to create sense of balance

I normally create a custom blend for each individual. After they are blended, they are blessed and filled with the healing power of Reiki. While they are very powerful energies, they do not interact with any other meditation or treatment.

I use flower essences from Green Hope Farm. These essences do not have alcohol as a stabilizer but use a Japanese root called Red Shiso. All of my animal friends love these essences.

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