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Recommended Reading


Many people ask me to recommend books for various topics.  Here are some of my most favorite books. Most of these are very worn and used in my library.

Aromatherapy Reading

My most favorite books are “Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit: Restoring Emotional and Mental Balance with Essential Oils,” by Gabriel Mojay. This is a great book about using essential oils for health issues. It includes the history of essential oils, basics of how they are made, relates them to the five elements and gives you a manageable list of starter essential oils. You’ll love this book.

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The other book I highly recommend (and you get a free copy by coming to my Aromatherapy Certification Course) is “Wisdom of the Earth Speaks: The Truth About Medicinal Aromatherapy,” by Barry B. Kapp.  This is an amazing book about plant & tree medicine. It teaches you about “Shamanic” aromatherapy and if you are open, can change your whole outlook on using plant & tree energy.

wote book cover

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Ayurveda Reading

For my Ayurveda clients and those interested in reading more, here are my book recommendations.

A good book for people beginning their journey into Ayurveda healing, is the “Perfect Health: The Complete Mind Body Guide,” by Deepak Chopra, M.D.  This is an easy read, is organized well and gives you some great information about Ayurveda.  If you are one of my Ayurveda clients, as part of your appointments, I recommended particular passages for you to read in order to further your own personal healing.


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A good cook book to begin your journey into Ayurveda is “Ayurveda Cooking for Westerners,” by Amadea Morningstar. I love the recipes and they are fairly simple.


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My little powerhouse of a cookbook, is “Taste Life: Wellness Recipes for Everyday Living,” from the Kanyakumari Kitchen. I use this all the time and love every single thing I’ve ever made. It is a small book, but has great choices for every meal including snacks. You’ll love this book!

taste life kk cookbook

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Animal Communication – Animal Connection

This is my favorite book on Animal Communication.  She gives you simple, easy to use methods to explore this way of communicating with your animal. Marta Williams also has a nice website where you can learn more. http://www.martawilliams.com/

marta book cover

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