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Speaking to Animals or Intuitive Communication

Tresa&SquirrelThe word “Intuition” has mean meanings, usually connected to “the ability to sense or know immediately without reasoning” and more specifically “understanding without apparent effort, quick and ready insight independent of previous experiences or empirical knowledge.” Intuitive Communication with animals means sending and receiving thoughts, emotions, pictures and messages. This type of communication doesn’t rely on body language but instead calls upon the inner nature of intuition to bring these message through. All of us are born with this ability and if you have stayed in touch with the forces of nature; you continue to do this daily.

Growing up in rural Kentucky, I spent a lot of time outside and was always in the woods with some animal friend of mine. I didn’t have a lot of human friends (we lived pretty far from town), so I spent my time with my horse, dogs, cats, squirrels, occasional abandoned opossum, baby birds, chickens – the list goes on and on. Where else could I “bring every stray dog Tresa&Sugarfor miles” home with me? Where else could I “pretend” my best friend was my pony and spend hours (and years) sharing my inner secrets with her? Where else could I lay for hours on a rock in the woods and talk to the trees?

Intuitive Communications helps to reconnecting with those forces and experience these wonders. I can offer these Intuitive Connections by either using a picture of being in the physical presence of the animal. The “remote” sessions are easily done at a distance and we just schedule a time to be on the phone while the session is happening. You should have a notebook or pen/paper to make notes.

Some reasons an Intuitive Connection can help you and your animal:

• During times of stress and anxiety

• Odd/undesired behavior

• Help determine life issues: What your animal needs/wants. What is their purpose in your life?

• Determining state of well-being (health related issues)

• End-of-life Care – how are they doing, do they need anything


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