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Going with the flow with Pine, Maritime Essential Oil

Maritime Pine or Ocean Pine

pine, maritime
My favorite use of Pine, Maritime is to help us with the ebb & flow of life.  The times we are living in are very fast-paced and full of change.  For some, can be a challenge to accept with grace and love. Using Pine, Maritime daily will help you “go with the flow.”
The bark of the maritime pine tree (Pycnogenol) is an ancient therapy dating back to the time of Hippocrates. Using this extract from the bark is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants. It can help prevent damage to our brain cells and benefits smokers or anyone to is exposed to regular environmental pollutants. It is good for those frequently consuming alcohol and for prostate inflammation. It can help with varicose veins and other skin disorders.
For emotional issues: helps with alertness, confidence, positivity, self-awareness and self-image.
For physical issues: good for adrenal support, is an expectorant, for gallbladder stress, gout and hepatitis.
Pine Maritime/Ocean is also used as an expectorant, antiseptic and for any issue with the lungs.