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Myrtle Essential Oil: sweet, gentle power

Myrtle Essential Oil
Sweet, gentle powerful essential oil

Myrtle (myrtus communis)

Myrtle essential oil is a lovely, sweet and gentle healing energy. She comes from Morraco and has soft, familiar scent.  Her often-white flowers are star shape with multiple stamens shooting from the inside. When you inhale the elegant scent of myrtle, you are taken to a time where the fields are lush, the breezes are gentle and the sun is warming. This creates a feeling of contentment and tranquility for all who inhale her.

myrtle bloom

Myrtle helps with thyroid issues, both hypo and hyper.  She balances the thyroid function as well as lends the same balancing nature to hormones in general (both ovaries and prostate.)  She is gentle enough to use on animals and small children. See my guide on using essential oils with animals. Using Myrtle topically, you’ll find she helps to stimulate your gallbladder function.  Just rub a few drops over your right side and feel the support she lends.   She can also help with flu, smoker/s cough, asthma and general respiratory ailments.  You can even use her as a decongestant for your lymphatic system.

She is very emotionally balancing but has a gentle, playful and energetic energy. These things make it perfect for using with children.  Have Myrtle on hand for any cut, bruise or scrape since her hemostat property is very effective. She is great at helping the skin regenerate after injury.

If you have adrenal fatigue or even general nervous system issues, myrtle can be a lovely healing friend to you. Being this gentle support and calmer for the nervous system, she can be helpful for spider veins and varicose veins. Rub a few drops directly on the area to help circulation and ease pain.

Woman suffering from varicose vein pain

Myrtle is one of those rare essential oils that can pass through the blood-brain barrier.  This makes it excellent for anyone needing to find deep tranquility and peace.

Since emotional eating can be a sign of angst and need for peace, using myrtle can even help eating disorders.

With her happy demeanor, she helps you feel good about yourself.  You feel like you CAN achieve your goals, even doing it with a happy manner.  She helps you radiate joy and happiness to the point where it positively affects those around you.  It really helps us to see that everyone is full of love and that we can support the journey of others from a place of understanding. When you are surrounded by people who are less than supportive, using myrtle can help change your attitude to one of love, acceptance and joy.

Let your intuition guide you on how many drops to use as well as where to apply.  For animals, sometimes letting them smell the essential oil is plenty.

I’m sure you can see why myrtle essential oil should be part of your essential oil pharmacy.

For the Ayurveda uses:
Vata:  Myrtle is good for calming anxiety and supporting the nervous system
Pitta: Myrtle can help you see people with eyes of love and joy
Kapha: Myrtle can help you over come emotional eating habits.

For animal uses:
Lovely for dogs in shelter situations that have lost the love of those around it. Helps calm anxiety and used for simple cuts and scrapes. It’s gentle scent is liked by the sensitive canine nose.

(A good quality, medicinal myrtle should cost around $40 per 15ml bottle.)

Tresa uses Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Essential Oils.  She is a distributor for WOTE. If you would like to place an order directly with Tresa or if you would like a price listing, please email her directly.


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