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Rose Hydrolat: Cooling, Heart Opening

Rose Hydrolat from 1st distillation from French rose pedals. Water that separates from the Rose essential oil creation.

Spiritual Properties: Cleansing, Protecting
Magical Properties: Cooling, Heart Opening

Rose Hyrolat has an exquisite fragrance which is renowned for its relaxing, calming, uplifting effects. It is a high frequency, auric protector and is something that every practicing Aromatherapist should have in their medicine bag.  Rose Hydrolat is a wonderful toner and hydrator for the skin. You can use it for any skin issue ranging from sunburn, inflamed skin conditions to bruising, tight skin and scarred skin.

With her cooling nature, Rose Hyrolat is great for stress headaches and migraines.  Just spritz some over the face and on the head. She can cool heated emotions like anger, frustration and judgment, allowing the person to act in a loving manner.  She can even help when you are dealing with people who direct their anger towards us. She allows us to soften and open in these harsh settings and present ourselves in the light of love and acceptance.   With it’s uplifting scent, Rose Hydrolat is also a good choice for any emotional heart issue and used even when life is feeling challenging.   Spritzing her over the face and body every day after getting out of the shower is a great way to use her.

A couple of years ago I was preparing for my trip to India.  I knew I needed cooling support since the temperatures can soar over 100 degrees. And, the place where I was staying did NOT have air conditioning.  I packed my normal “summer” essential oils like peppermint, cornmint and lime.  When I arrived and started using the Peppermint Hydrolat , it didn’t work.  Strangely, it made me hotter.  I picked up my bottle of Rose Hydrolat and sprayed it all over me. Ahhhh, cooling Rose to the rescue.   I now keep a bottle of Rose Hydrolat in my cooler when I travel in the summer.

So what is a Hydrolat?  It is the water that separates from the steam distillation process of plant matter when making essential oils.  It is NOT an essential oil although some reside of the oil can be left in the water.   It is also NOT mixing a couple of drops of an essential oil in a spray bottle with water.  Hydrolats are often called by many names: hydrosols, floral waters, hydroflorates, flower waters or distillates.

Good quality Rose hydrolat is also great for the eyes. In Ayurveda, we know that one of the main locations of Pitta (fire and water elements) is in the eyes.  So any burning, redness or straining in the eyes is seen as an imbalance of the Pitta dosha.  Since we know that like attracts like and opposites heal, we look for ways to cool the eyes in order to bring balance.   Using an eye-drop mixture of 50% Rose Hydrolat and 50% Saline Solution provides a cooling, relaxing experience for the eyes. I use these eye drops every day since I spend a lot of time outside and work on the computer. I have a small, travel-size bottle I take with me when on the road. It’s great for places with dry air like airplanes and hotels.

You can even cook with Rose Hydrolat.  Here is a lovely recipe to try using the rose water.  It also has one of my favorite ingredients – dates!  (Keep in mind that “rose water” in the grocery store is NOT a proper hydrolat. It’s often water flavored with a rose-like chemical.)

For animals, Rose Hydrolat is a wonderful spray to have on hand for stressful situations and for animals that tend to be aggressive and act out.  We do not use this as a reprimand/deterrent (spraying them to stop them from barking), but more as a support to diffuse the situation. Animals love their beds misted with rose.

Hydrolats are super versatile and wonderful choices for kids, animals and anyone beginning their journey with using essential oils for improving their health.  You can use them to:

  • Freshen your car
  • Spritz up your hair
  • Soothe tired feet
  • Aphrodisiac: spray on pillows
  • Enliven skin (great on the face)
  • Calming babies

WOTE Rose Hydrolat from France: 120 ml/$33.00

Tresa exclusively uses Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Essential Oils.  She is a distributor for WOTE and a contracted Level I Teacher. If you would like to place an order directly with Tresa or if you would like a price listing, please email her directly.

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